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The months of May and June have been busy for the Center’s Board of Directors and its Executive Director, Bob McKechnie, and his staff.

“These are exciting times for the Center.” said Gillian Cross, Board of Director’s President. “The Center’s membership continues to grow, and the board of directors and staff have been seeking feed-back from our members in order to evaluate the Center’s current programs and activities, and to create new programs and activities that will enhance the Center’s ability to better meet its mission of improving the quality of life for seniors 50+ living in Cathedral City and the surrounding communities. “

According to Cross, the Center’s board of directors and its executive director recently participated in a strategic planning workshop facilitated by John Epps of the Regional Access Project’s (RAP) Training Division.

“We spent a great deal of time developing a Mission Statement for the Senior Center that truly defines its purpose -- now and into the future -- of ‘providing all seniors 55 years and older, active to homebound, with programs and activities that channel positive energy, relieve suffering and foster health, happiness and well-being,’” Cross said.
Cross also identified some very clear goals from the strategic planning retreat:

  1. Increasing awareness of the Senior Center within Cathedral City and its neighboring communities.
  2. Developing a comprehensive training program for the Senior Center’s volunteers and staff.
  3. Updating the Center’s operational processes in order to optimize resources and allow it to better evaluate the effectiveness of its current programs and the potential of adding new programs.

According to Cross, the Center’s board, staff and volunteers now have a comprehensive three-year strategic plan supported by specific goals that will maximize the Center’s resources to meet the demand for programs and activities that is growing on a daily basis.

“The strategic plan, along with the tremendous support that we continue to receive from the City Council, and our dedicated sponsors and volunteers, will be a great resource in ensuring that the Center can continue to provide the services so important to the quality of life of our seniors”, Cross said.

“Needs of senior citizens are very different today from what they were 20 years ago and from what they will be 20 years from now. Our goal and our passion are to ensure that the Cathedral City Senior Center is positioned to meet those needs, every day and in every way. We are constantly evolving.”

Tom Robertson – Board Member


Mission Statement

The mission of the Cathedral City Senior Center is to improve the quality of life for seniors 50+ living in Cathedral City and the surrounding communities. The purpose of the center is to assist all seniors from the active to the home-bound by providing services that channel energy, relieve suffering, and foster health, happiness, and well-being.